The Living Rainforest

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October Half-Term: MAD SCIENCE

Enjoy some mad science fun at the Living Rainforest this October Half-Term (25 Oct – 2 Nov). Our seasonal holiday events programme includes: ‘mad science’ presentations or demonstr...

tour guide

Rainforest guided tours (daily)

Join one of our fascinating guided tours to learn more about the rainforest. Our expert guides will answer your questions and tell you about our amazing plants and animals, from insect-eating plants ...


‘Mad Science’ activity

We are pleased to offer the following mad science activities for children.  (The activities will take place during two time slots: 11:45-12:15 and 1:15-1:45.) Fri 25 Oct – Dancing Ghost Mon 28 ...

channel billed toucan at the Living Rainforest

Animal feeding time (Armadillo, Goeldi’s Monkey, Toucan)

Join a friendly Living Rainforest animal keeper at feeding time. Meet at the Armadillo area, before moving on to the Goeldi’s Monkeys and Channel-Billed Toucan.    ...


STEM ‘mad science’ station

Explore more crazy science at the STEM Station… (From 2:00-2:20 or 3:30-3:50 daily) Fri 25 Oct – Elephant’s toothpaste Mon 28 Oct – Animation station Tues 29 Oct – Danci...

Rio the iguana

Animal Talk

Join one of our keepers for a special animal talk! Starts at 3pm. Fri 25 Oct – Iguana (Small Islands house) Mon 28 Oct – Goeldi’s Monkey (in Amazonica house) Tues 29 Oct – Igua...