The Living Rainforest

Gifts that make a difference

pygmy marmoset
Gum arabic and other gifts help keep our pygmy marmosets in peak condition

Would you like to give a gift with a difference?

With our Amazon wish list, you can choose from a range of goodies to help the our team provide the best possible care for the animals and plants that live at the Living Rainforest.

Your gifts will help us to care for the animals and plants in our collection, and help see us through to the other side of the coronavirus epidemic, when we can re-open our doors once again and welcome back to the general public.

The Living Rainforest is run by the Trust for Sustainable Living, so donations also help support the charity’s vital education work in the UK and around the world.

Animal care gifts

Help care for the animals at the Living Rainforest by donating items that help us maintain high standards of animal husbandry, nutrition and enrichment. Our reptiles, monkeys, agoutis, birds, fish, leaf insects and other invertebrates  will be very appreciative!

largeleaves March2020Plant care gifts

It takes a great deal of work to care for the hundreds of plants at the Living Rainforest. We have many rare and endangered species which are nurtured by our dedicated horticultural team and committed volunteers. Please help us to maintain our valuable collection of tropical orchids, aroids, bromeliads, palms, gingers, ferns, fruit trees and other plants!

How to give

Follow the link, or go to , select ‘find a list’ and search for ‘living rainforest’.

Simply choose the item you would like to donate, and leave your contact details in the “Gift Note” section so we can thank you. Items purchased from the list will then be sent directly to the centre.

If you have any queries please get in touch.

Thank you for helping.