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Animal Adoptions make fantastic gifts for friends & family members


Animal adoptions make excellent & unusual gifts

Animal adoptions make a real difference by supporting our vital education and conservation work. Not only do they help ensure that the animals at The Living Rainforest receive the best care possible, they also help support our participation in international breeding programmes for threatened species.


Choose an animal and adoption pack from the options below

Blue poison dart frog

 Blue Dart Frog



 Six-banded Armadillo (Harry)



  Green Iguana (Rio)


Goeldis monkeyAA

 Goeldi’s Monkey


Cinnamon Adopt with TLR Logo

 Two-toed Sloth (Cinnamon)



Toucan Adopt with TLR logo

 Channel-billed Toucan (Edwin)


carpet python adopt with TLR logo

Carpet Python (Lenny)


Adopt Now or Learn More

Adopt now – adoptions can be purchased in person at the Living Rainforest shop, from The Living Rainforest Online Shop, or by card over the phone on 01635-202444 ext. 309 during normal office hours (Mon-Thurs)

Learn more – please ask at the Living Rainforest shop, call 01635-202444 ext. 309 during normal office hours (Mon-Thurs), or email us for further information