The Living Rainforest

School tours

Our 50-minute guided tours ensure an engaging & immersive experience for all pupils. We provide a timetable to help you plan your day, tour notes and worksheets are available to pre-print online. Our education team are here to answer all your questions and to help you make the most of your day.

Amazing Adaptations

Our most popular tour, Amazing Adaptations focuses on how plants and animals have adapted to living in a rainforest environment. Students will learn about the different layers of the rainforest.

Edible Forest

Especially suitable for KS 1 and 2, this tour introduces students to the wide variety of foods that come from rainforest environments. Pupils will learn the requirements of living things for growth and survival.

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Sustainable Future

Especially suited to secondary school children, this tour helps students to explore threats to rainforest ecosystems and encourages students to explore sustainable development through practical examples.

Climate Change and Human Impacts

This tour explores what climate change is, what’s driving it and the implications for different peoples, places and environments. It connects climate, ecosystems, human needs and students’ lives. Contact us to find out more.

Tour details

£171 per group (including VAT) (2 adults free per tour)

Tours take place each weekday during term time.

We offer three timed sessions at:

Tours are conducted in groups of approximately 15 students and 2 adults. Up to 4 groups (60 students) may be booked per time session. If your groups are larger than 60 children, please contact the education team to discuss suitable dates and timetables.

Please note that there may be several schools on site at any one time.

We do book up quickly, so please book or enquire early to avoid disappointment.

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Making your life easier

We provide all the documents you need to ensure a safe visit.

Indoor and outdoor spaces

Welcome to the Living Rainforest

Indoor space

We have a great learning environment indoors with an allocated area for your group.

Outside space

We also have outdoor seating and an excellent enclosed play area for warmer days.

Gift shop

Our gift shop is packed with rainforest-themed gifts and educational toys & games.