The Living Rainforest

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Rio the iguana

Green iguana

The green iguana is wide ranging and can be found from Mexico through to Central and South America. They are seen as invasive animals in southern Florida and Hawaii. They live in h...



Thousands of species There are more than 25,000 documented orchid species throughout the world, with hundreds more being discovered each year. This means the number of orchid speci...

carpet python cropped 1

Carpet python

Carpet pythons are mainly found on mainland Australia. They live in a range of habitats, from rainforests to deserts. This species spends much of the day up in a tree but also come...



Thousands of species Bromeliads originate from South and Central America, the Caribbean and West Africa. They grow in deserts, mountains and forests. The most well known bromeliad ...

Amazing Adaptations teachers notes

This pack is designed to give teachers an indication of the species and subjects that will be discussed during the Amazing Adaptations school tour, as well as some further background information on our exhibits.