The Living Rainforest

We need your help

Please help us keep our animals and plants warm this winter


Heating and energy costs are at peak levels and keeping our animals and plants warm this winter is going to be a massive challenge.

The Living Rainforest is both a visitor centre and an acclaimed educational charity. Our plants and animals come from real tropical rainforests around the world, where a nice warm environment is vital to their wellbeing.

We’re delighted to say that we’ve managed to raise around £22,000 thus far in donations and firm commitments to our Energy Crisis Appeal – a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated!

With the Greenham Trust kindly matching all individual and company donations pound for pound, that leaves another £4,000 to raise to achieve our current target.

Please help us keep our plants and animals warm this winter by donating whatever you can.

Alternatively, you can also donate when you visit The Living Rainforest or via the Good Exchange.

Please support us by donating online to help keep our plants and animals warm this winter

Thank you for your generosity.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and news on how you can support us. To stay in touch with all the latest Living Rainforest updates, please follow us on Facebook (The Living Rainforest), Instagram (livingrainforest) and Twitter (livrainforest).

Rio the iguana

Animal & plant care wish list

Help our team look after the animals and plants at the Living Rainforest. Choose a gift from our Amazon wish list and hey presto, a delivery will soon be on its way to us!

Goeldi's monkey

Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal at the Living Rainforest today. You can adopt Cinnamon the sloth, a Goeldi monkey and many more. Adoptions make great gifts, and include free entry when the Living Rainforest is open.

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Support a rainforest project

The Living Rainforest has longstanding links with international partners working to protect extremely vulnerable rainforest areas where species are threatened, deforestation is accelerating, and people are struggling to make a living. Your support can make a huge difference.