The Living Rainforest

We need your help!

Please support our rainforest animals and plants through this difficult time

SlothIn normal times, we rely on income from visitors to enable us to continue to educate people about rainforests and pathways to a more sustainable future. Unfortunately however, while the Living Rainforest’s doors are shut due to Covid-19, our normal income streams have dried up.

The staff at the Living Rainforest are continuing to work hard to ensure that all our animals and plants get the best possible care and remain healthy during this period of closure to the public.

You can help by either making a donation on our appeals page or alternatively, if you would like to provide more targeted support, we have also set up an Amazon wish list.

If you are local, but only if you are passing by for an essential reason, you could help by donating fresh fruit or vegetables (no kitchen scraps), or tinned peas, sweetcorn or broad beans. We have left a large white tub by our main gate for your food donations.

We know that your focus is probably elsewhere at the moment but we would be very grateful if you could find an opportunity to support us, either directly or by following us on social media – hopefully this will brighten up your day. If you have children at home, why not take a look at our learning resources or send us a drawing of your favourite rainforest animal or plant?

If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your time and please stay safe!

Rio the iguana

Animal & plant care wish list

Help our team look after the animals and plants at the Living Rainforest. Choose a gift from our Amazon wish list and hey presto, a delivery will soon be on its way to us!

Goeldi's monkey

Adopt an Animal

Adopt an animal at the Living Rainforest today. You can adopt Cinnamon the sloth, a Goeldi monkey and many more. Adoptions make great gifts, and include free entry when the Living Rainforest is open.

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Support a rainforest project

The Living Rainforest has longstanding links with international partners working to protect extremely vulnerable rainforest areas where species are threatened, deforestation is accelerating, and people are struggling to make a living. Your support can make a huge difference.