The Living Rainforest

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Help us to support the rainforests of the world.

As well as providing a vital role in rainforest education and education for sustainability in the UK, we want to urge our visitors to support crucial rainforest conservation in the field. The Living Rainforest has longstanding links with international partners striving to protect extremely vulnerable rainforest areas where species are threatened, deforestation is accelerating, and people are struggling to make a living. Your support can make a huge difference.

We believe it is vital to empower local people to make sustainable choices about how they manage their forests – all our partner organisations support communities living in and around key protected areas.

Whether it is Lemurs in Madagascar, Night Monkeys in Colombia or Orangutans in Borneo, rainforests around the world support a multitude of amazing creatures. Please help protect them and their habitats for future generations.

Here are the exciting rainforest conservation projects around the world which we are proud to support:


Support the Riak Bumi project in Indonesia.


Support the Entropika project in Colombia.


Support the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group in Madagascar.