The Living Rainforest

Pygmy marmosets

Cebuella pygmaea

pygmy marmoset

Smallest monkey in the world

Pygmy marmosets are the smallest living true monkey in the world, hence, they have been given a genus of their own, Cebuella.

They are from South America and can be found in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru living in small groups of 5-10 monkeys.

The family tree

Each family has one or two trees in it’s territory to provide all the gum they need. They have specially adapted teeth to allow them to chew small holes in tree bark to reach the gum and sap inside.

Quick facts

Scientific name
Cebuella pygmaea
Native to
South America
Rainforest layer
Tree gum, fruit,
Maximum length 14cm
15 years
IUCN conservation status
Least concern – learn more
CITES Appendix ii
Trade restricted – learn more



Pygmies have become threatened in some areas due to habitat loss as a result of logging and livestock farming, as well as collection for the pet trade.