The Living Rainforest

Christmas gifts for animal lovers

Posted: 8 Nov 2018

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for animal loving friends and family? Read our guide to unusual animal themed gifts offered at the Living Rainforest.

pygmy marmoset

Meet a marmoset

Our Keeper Experience gifts for adults and children, give a unique chance to get up close and personal with our rainforest animals. We offer exclusive behind the scenes access, and the chance to tailor make your experience.

Find out more about Keeper Experiences or contact us to book.




Support a sloth

Animal adoptions are a great way to support our rainforest animals, and include a free ticket to visit the Living Rainforest and see the adopted animal.

Check out our animals adoptions.




Plants in the Living Rainforest glasshouses

Experience the rainforest

Our annual gift tickets give free entry for a year to visit the animals at the Living Rainforest, including monkeys, fish, snakes, and free ranging birds. Cinnamon the Sloth is our most popular and largest animal, but don’t miss the smaller creatures too, like the fascinating mudskippers in our small islands exhibition.

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