The Living Rainforest

Escape to the tropics

Posted: 24 Jan 2020

Escape the cold and experience a warm tropical rainforest


With over 850 species, including rare and endangered plants and animals, there is something for all the family.

Rio the iguanaLook out for the two-toed sloth, channel-billed toucan, green iguana, blue poison dart frogs, Asian mudskipper fish and our newest animal – a Philippine water monitor.

Don’t miss our new cloud forest exhibit (pictured above), featuring over 100 orchids and other rare plants from the montane tropical forests of Central and South America.

Our guided tours give a fascinating insight into the unique species found in tropical rainforests around the world, including why Rio the green iguana is actually red, and what makes some plants and animals poisonous.  NOTE: GUIDED TOURS ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19.

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