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Take part in our Giving Day to help care for our animals

Posted: 8 Jun 2024

Giving Day 25 26 June 2024

With great thanks to a very special TSL Trustee matching gift offer, every donation will be doubled (up to a total value of £5,000). So £10 becomes £20, £25 becomes £50, £100 becomes £200 and so on!

Donations are still open so please give if you are able.


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Upgrade primate enclosure
Upgrade dart frog enclosure
Build new mudskipper breeding facility
Build new insect display

TSL’s Giving Day for enrichment projects for specific animals at The Living Rainforest – dart frogs, insects, primates and mudskippers. These projects will enhance animal wellbeing and also education for sustainable development for all visitors.

The Trust for Sustainable Living’s very first Giving Day will support specific enrichment projects for the animals in the care of The Living Rainforest, the charity’s indoor educational centre in Berkshire, UK. The centre, which also provides the base for TSL’s international work, welcomes 25,000 children from UK schools each year, who benefit from an engaging and immersive learning experience surrounded by over 1,000 different species of flora and fauna. Over the next few months we will upgrade the dart frogs’ enclosure, implement a new themed insect display, install UV lighting for our primates and establish a mudskipper breeding facility. We know the extremely positive impact these items will have on many of our animals, as well as on student (and adult) education for sustainable development overall.

School tour


To raise the funding required, the Giving Day – running for 36 hours from 12 noon on Tuesday, 25 June – will call for friends locally, nationally and internationally to consider supporting. Support towards this special day can come in different ways:

Giving – If you feel able to donate a sum to this cause, please donate now.

Fundraising – If you would like to run a fundraiser, perhaps that’s a 5K run, hosting a dinner party for friends or a fresh lemonade sale at school, please set up a Just Giving TSL fundraising page.

Sharing – If you can raise awareness of this important appeal amongst family and friends, please pass on this link, forward our emails, share posts on WhatsApp and like, comment or repost on social media.

On behalf of the animals in our care, and the 100,000 annual visitors who benefit from award-winning eduction for sustainable development, thank you very much indeed.