The Living Rainforest

Play area transformed thanks to Vodafone volunteers

Posted: 12 Jul 2018

Thank you Vodafone volunteers!

We are extremely grateful to the two teams of volunteers from Vodafone, led by Emily Hunt and Sharon Maggs, who transformed our children’s play area.

Our adventure playground is in use 362 days a year and takes quite a battering from the estimated 60,000 pairs of feet that use it. Heavy usage combined with the effects of the weather put quite a stress on the equipment and infrastructure.To keep everything looking neat, tidy and safe, the teams helped install rubber grass safety mats. The mats are made from fully recycled rubber.

Every year we welcome around 25,000 children who visit as part of their school curriculum. We also welcome another 35,000 children who visit at weekends and during school holidays with their families.

Find out more about volunteering for the Living Rainforest here.

Our play area was transformed with the help of volunteers from Vodafone.
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