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Stream for Stream (S4S) – June 18-19

Posted: 3 Jun 2021

Stream For Stream Poster

A Rainforest Stream for Habitat Improvement, Education and Wellbeing: The Livestream (18th – 19th June) 

The Living Rainforest is proud to present Stream for Stream (S4S), a rainforest livestream to raise money to build a stream in the Living Rainforest.

Why a stream? 

Streams help develop the quality of life in natural habitats, increasing humidity which helps reduce pest damage to plants. A stream would provide a perfect breeding environment for our free-ranging frogs, as well as improving the welfare of both our free-ranging lizards and birds, creating natural bathing areas and a zone of enrichment for natural behaviours.  

Having a realistic stream with moving water will improve the natural feel of the house and create both a visual and auditory experience for all visitors. The stream will increase opportunities for both formal and informal education as this typifies habitats that are under threat both in the rainforest and temperate zones.  

Why a live stream? 

Livestreaming has gotten very popular over the last few years, including 24-hour live streams of animals in their natural habitat. We aim to show you how life works in the Rainforest, showcasing our animals and their behaviours, with included commentary and interviews from keepers, environmentalists and more.  

How can I help? 

We need £15,000 to build a stream. We know, that’s a lot of money! We were able to become one of the Double Matched Day finalists selected by the Greenham Trust, a local funder working to help support worthy projects. If we can get together £5,000, they will treble the amount, giving us £15,000 overall. We need your support and donations to help reach our goal!  

If live streams aren’t your thing, you can come along to the Living Rainforest on the 18th or 19th to donate and other on-the-day activities.

You can donate by going to, or donate to the cash collection on the day. Please try and donate on the 18th and 19th so the money will be double-matched!


Other ways you can help 

Do you have experience with live streaming? Then we could use your help! Please send an email to with the subject line ‘Live stream support’, so that we can find your offer to help! 

More details to come in the following days. We look forward to seeing you on the 18th/19th!