The Living Rainforest

Amazing Adaptations


Amazing Adaptations focuses on how plants and animals have adapted to suit living in a rainforest environment. The tour discusses the different layers of the rainforest including microhabitats and how adaptation can lead to evolution over time. It covers areas including: the ability of rainforest leaves to get rid of excess water; plant adaptations to maximise light and nutrient uptake; and the way various animals are suited to life in the rainforest.

Key curriculum terms

adaptations, layers, drip tips, epiphytes, climbers, aerial roots, camouflage, habitat, microhabitat

Key stages supported

Key stage 1


Year 1 – Animals including humans

Year 2 – Living things and their habitats, Plants, Animals including humans


Place knowledge

Key stage 2


Year 3 – Plants

Year 4 – Living things and their habitats

Year 6 – Evolution and inheritance


Place knowledge, Human and physical geography, Geographical skills

Key stage 3


Interactions and dependencies – Relationships in an ecosystem, Genetics and Evolution – Inheritance chromosomes DNA and genes


Place Knowledge

International primary curriculum

Milepost 1

Flowers and Insects, I’m Alive, Live and let live, Our World, The Earth our home

Milepost 2

Saving the world, Do you live around here?, Land, sea and sky, Nature of life

Milepost 3

Extreme survivors, Existing endangered extinct, What a wonderful world, Out of Africa

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Tour details

£171 per group (including VAT)

Tours take place each weekday at the following times: 10.15am, 11.30am, 12.40pm.
They are conducted in groups of 15 students and 2 adults. Up to 4 groups (60 children and 8 adults) may be booked per time slot.

We do book up quickly, so please book or enquire early to avoid disappointment.