The Living Rainforest

School tour FAQs

How long does a tour last?

A tour usually lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. However, if you are late for your time slot, the tour may need to be shortened in order to accommodate other groups.

Do we have the use of tables and chairs for lunch and work?

The space in our Human Impact Building is limited. We set aside an area for your school’s use but seating is on the floor, with the exception of a few chairs for teachers.

What can we do after the tour?

We have provided a schools timetable for visits which indicates what your groups will be doing throughout the day. This includes allocated free time to explore the rainforest independently and time in our Human Impact Building for lunches and to complete activities such as worksheets or visiting our shop and playground.

Do you have an outside area?

Yes, we have an attractive play area with a patio, garden and picnic tables.

Can we have extra children in a tour?

We recommend that tours never exceed 15 children, however if necessary this can be increased up to a maximum of 17. The extra cost will be £8.45 (inc. VAT) per extra child from 1/10/2017.

Can we have extra adult in a tour?

Two adults are already included in the cost of each tour. However the cost of an extra adult will be £9.75 (inc. VAT) per person from 1/10/2017.

Are the greenhouses suitable for wheelchairs?

Yes, although the pathways are narrow and sometimes wet. Pathway measurements are available on request if you are planning to bring a larger scooter.

Do you cater for Special Needs schools?

Yes, please contact the Education Department to discuss your requirements.

When do we have to pay?

You will be invoiced after your visit and payment terms are within 10 days of the date of the invoice.

Can we take photographs?

Yes, but please DO NOT take flash photographs of the animals, and please refrain from taking photos during the guided tours.

Do we need to book far in advance?

Our tours get booked very quickly so to obtain the date and time of your choice it is advisable to book several months in advance. You’ll find the school visits enquiry form at the top of the school tours page.

Do we need to wear Wellington boots?

These aren’t essential although the pathways can be wet and muddy in places. The outside play area can also get muddy at times.

Can we make a pre-visit?

Free pre-visits are available for up to 3 teachers accompanying the school on your visit. To allow free entrance, please ensure you bring a copy of your booking form to show at reception. If you wish to speak to a member of the Education Department (weekdays) or Duty Manager (weekends) about your visit please call us to arrange a suitable date and time.  (Please note, any family members or friends who are not teaching staff will be required to pay normal admission should they wish to accompany you during the pre-visit).

Can schools adopt animals?

Yes, schools and/or classes regularly adopt animals as part of the learning process. For further information, please click here.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, due to high demand for rainforest tours and the need to be fair to all schools, a strict cancellation policy is in operation. Please ask for further details at time of booking.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?