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Rainforest music workshops

rainforest music instruments

Don’t miss our popular rainforest music workshops starting on the 20th August for one week only. Learn about the music of different indigenous groups living in the rainforest. Have a go yourself at playing a wide variety of instruments, and take home your own unique recording of instruments mixed together with rainforest sound effects.

Learn about rainforest culture

The rainforest music workshops start with a demonstration of instruments from Central and South America, Africa, Asia & Indonesia. Including discussion about origins, cultural significance and uses of these instruments which are handed around the group. This is followed by a talk on the geographical distribution and habitat characteristics of Tropical Rainforests and then presenting examples of music from a variety of different cultures inhabiting the world’s rainforests.

Rainforest music recording session

A highlight of the rainforest music workshop is the recording session. Participants can try a wide variety of instruments which are all easy to play without any prior experience or musical knowledge. Each recording session is then edited and mixed together with pre-recorded rainforest sound effects and can be provided to all participants on CD or via email as an MP3 file.

Find out more about the workshops and professional musician Max Hunt here

The highlight of our day was the music workshop. I didn't know what to expect but it was absolutely brilliant. Max the teacher is clearly a very experienced educator and gave us a quick and very interesting lesson on musical instruments in rainforest areas around the world, which was followed by the children trying out lots of different instruments. Max then organised some recordings with the children playing different instruments and we all got to take home a copy for free on CD or via email. The children were engaged and interested the entire time and kept talking about it for the rest of the day. From Trip Advisor
the highlight of our day was the music workshop! It was absolutely brilliant. The chap had the kids captivated for the whole hour, they got to play any number of instruments AND they recorded a track which we got given on a CD.... All in an hour!! From Trip Advisor
Special mention to the rainforest music workshop, it was brilliant. The musician made sure that every child was included and even looked at the globe of where the rainforests would be. From Trip Advisor
Max who led a music workshop following the walk through was fantastic!! He took us through the many different cultures of music and instruments across the world, and then got everybody to participate in making rainforest sounds with the various instruments he allowed us to try. Really great activity for children up to pensioners to enjoy. From Trip Advisor