The Living Rainforest

Rainforest music outreach

Professional musician Max Hunt is working with the Living Rainforest to give visitors the chance to explore the global music and culture of the tropical world. His workshops were a great success in the summer holidays. Look out on our events listings for the next workshop dates once confirmed.

The workshops

rainforest music instruments

Introduction to rainforest culture

Max starts the workshop with a demonstration of instruments from Central and South America, Africa, Asia & Indonesia. Max will talk to the group about the origins, cultural meaning and uses of these instruments as they are handed around the group.

Demonstration of instruments

This is followed by Max giving a talk about tropical rainforests, with examples of music from different indigenous groups living in the rainforest.

Rainforest music recording session

A recording session follows using a wide variety of instruments which are all easy to play. Children of all ages and adults can take part – you don’t need any prior experience or musical knowledge.

Max then edits the session and mixes the recording together with rainforest sound effects. After the session participants are offered a free CD of the recording, or if preferred it can be sent via email as an MP3 file.

More about Max

Max Hunt is a professional musician, producer and tutor with over 30 years experience.

He has performed live and on many varied studio projects and plays piano, keyboards, piano accordion, guitar, percussion. He also sings lead and backing vocals.

Max’s interest in rainforest culture and music started in the 1980s after buying a set of Japanese Angklung and a Vietnamese Khene from Oxfam. Concern about the worrying destruction of rainforests around the globe was gaining widespread media attention at the time. This gave rise to greater promotion and a deeper understanding of tropical rainforest culture.