The Living Rainforest

Help us bring two dwarf caiman to the Rainforest

Posted: 27 Mar 2019

Two Cuvier's dwarf caiman are on their way to the Living Rainforest!

This cheeky pair were confiscated from the pet trade and for the last 18 months have been living at a zoo in Birmingham.

They are growing fast and running out of space so The Living Rainforest have agreed to take over their care. Dwarf Cuvier’s caiman are relatively rare but available in the UK pet trade. They do not make good pets and many grow up in cramped conditions with poor lighting leading to metabolic bone disease.

We need to raise £15,000 to create a new exhibit for them. Can you help?

At The Living Rainforest we pride ourselves on creating naturalistic environments for our animals, where they can exhibit natural behaviours and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. We need to build a new exhibit that will be suitable for them now and once they are fully grown.

These little caimans will reach 1.5m in length and weigh approximately 7 – 8kg.

Once settled in the caimans will be included in our highly acclaimed educational programme to promote sustainability and learn about rainforest adaptations. We have been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom award and have 25,000 school children visit the Rainforest annually.

With your support we can create their new home with the correct heating and lighting equipment that is required to give them a full and happy life.

Update 1: Animal team training begins… 
Update 2: Preparing for the caimans’ arrival…
Update 3: Caiman quarantine ready to receive!