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Sustainable future

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The ‘Sustainable Future’ tour helps students to explore sustainable development and its implications for different people, places and environments, using specific examples from tropical rainforests. It makes the connection between ecosystems, human needs and students’ own lives. For this tour students should already have some understanding of the rainforest ecosystem. The tour is less suitable for years 1 and 2 primary school children.

Key curriculum terms

Sustainability, global citizenship, interdependence, consumption, waste, human needs, culture, environmental change

Key stages supported

Key stage 2

Science (Sc2)
1c, 5a, 5e

3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3g, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b

4b, 5g.

Key stage 3


1.2a, 1.3a, 1.4a, 1.5a, 1.6a, 1.6b, 1.7b, e, f, g, h

1.2b, 1.2c, 2.3c, e.


Key stage 4

2.1a, 2.4a, 2.4b

1.2a, 1.2c, n.

International primary curriculum

Milepost 2

Clean water dirty water, different places different lives, money makes the world go round, living together, food and farming, do you live around here? (habitats), chocolate, saving the world (rainforests), young entrepreneurs (money and trade).

Milepost 3

Making things go (energy and fuels), the power of water, weather and climate, the thinking about drugs, black gold (the oil industry), leading their world (rulers and governments), the environment (sustainability), the global swap shop (trading), making the news (current affairs and the media), what price progress (development), climate control (global warming and sustainability)

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Only £171 per group (including VAT)

Tours take place each weekday at the following times: 10.15am, 11.30am, 12.40pm.
They are conducted in groups of 15 students and 2 adults. Up to 4 groups (60 children and 8 adults) may be booked per time slot.

We do book up quickly, so please book or enquire early to avoid disappointment.