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Research: The Living Rainforest Delivers Missing Information Critical to Sustaining Biodiversity

Despite volumes of data currently available on mankind, it is surprising how little we know about other species. A paper published this week in the journal Proceedings of the Natio...

Posted: 23 May 2019

Goeldi's monkey

New – Animal feeding time, every weekend!

Join us every Saturday and Sunday for Animal Feeding Time! Watch our friendly and informative animal keepers as they feed our six-banded armadillo, Harry, and our resident family o...

Posted: 2 May 2019

Caiman appeal update – caiman quarantine is ready!

Our quarantine facilities are ready to receive the caimans!  We are just running it empty for a while to ensure it all works and check environmental conditions are perfect. The ca...

Posted: 26 Apr 2019

Caiman appeal update – preparing for the caimans’ arrival!

The animal department have been busy preparing for the arrival of the caiman. This week we took delivery of an unusual frozen food order consisting of baby mice and fish. This will...

Posted: 18 Apr 2019

Caiman appeal – animal team training begins!

Last week our animal team visited Crocodiles of the World, to get some world class, hands on training. The session was led by Shaun Foggett, the Zoo Director and IUCN SSC Crocodil...

Posted: 10 Apr 2019

Help us bring two dwarf caiman to the Rainforest

This cheeky pair were confiscated from the pet trade and for the last 18 months have been living at a zoo in Birmingham. They are growing fast and running out of space so The Livin...

Posted: 27 Mar 2019

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Support the Living Rainforest and get the chance to win £25,000 every week!

We’ve joined up with West Berkshire lottery to offer you the chance to win £25,000, while supporting our work. We are a small team and need your help to continue to provide ...

Posted: 28 Feb 2019

Rio the iguana

Welcome Rio the iguana

Green iguanas (Iguana iguana) are from Central & South America and the Caribbean. They are strong swimmers and enjoy resting on tree branches. Not all green iguanas are in fact...

Posted: 3 Dec 2018

Christmas gifts for animal lovers

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for animal loving friends and family? Read our guide to unusual animal themed gifts offered at the Living Rainforest. Meet a marmoset Our Keeper Exp...

Posted: 8 Nov 2018

Rainforest Xmas image

Christmas craft fair at the Living Rainforest

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Green Christmas Craft Fair. Over two weekends in November the Living Rainforest will be offering a range of original gifts th...

Posted: 13 Sep 2018